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Monday, 8 April 2013

Speed up your Android device using Swap It RAM Expander

Expand your android device's ram by yourself
SwapIt Ram Expander is an extremely useful app which can speed up your android within a few seconds. It will create a swap file by using a portion of your sdcard space and this portion will act as a RAM.

There are other methods like Ram Manager and the V6 supercharger script to speed up the android. However there was no noticeable difference in the performance of the phone using the Ram Manager. While the V6 supercharger script is very useful, it is a tedious procedure and the android may get stuck at the boot after you reboot for the first time. In contrast it is very easy to use SwapIt Ram Expander.

Swapit Ram Expander will give you more free RAM which will result in less lag and a better gaming experience. Also it gives a better multitasking experience.
  A rooted android phone.
  Minimum 256mb of free space on the sdcard.
  Swapit Ram Expander app

+Download the file and extract it.After extracting you will get
  two applications namely "Memory Info-Swap Checker.apk"
  and "Ram Expander.apk".
+First,install  "Memory Info-Swap Check.apk"
+This one is tester to check your kernel if Ram Expander
   supports your kernel.
+If it shows that your kernel supports,then proceed ahead.
+Now,install Ram Expander.apk
+In the picture added here you can see RAM and SWAP.
  RAM shows your internal memory and SWAP is the
  virtual memory that you are going to create.
+In the middle of the screen you can see 3 lines
  SWAP File
+If you are confused with these 3 line's values then touch
  Optimal.This will create values considering your SD Card.
+If you are not satisfied with the SWAP File value,then
  touch it and write the value you want.
  Enter upto 360 mb if you have 2gb sdcard
  Enter upto 520 mb if you have 4gb sdcard
  Enter upto 840 mb If you have 8gb sdcard
+Now touch Swap Active.
+After touching swap active option your device will create
  swap file in the root of your sdcard
+Dont worry this will take time depending your sdcard's
  writing speed.
+After creating swap file check your Notification Bar and you
  will see a notification from Ram Expander showing your
  total RAM.
+Thats all.

If you want to disable it just unmark the swap active.
After opening your sdcard you will see a swap file in the root directory.
Delete that file.

We are not responsible for any damage.Do that at your own risk.
Using Ram Expander may decrease your sdcard's lifetime.

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